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We have a selection of German Bread for everyone to choose from such as Farmer Bread, Heavy Rye Bread, Kraftkorn Bread, Rustical Bread, Swiss Country Bread, Rye Mixed Breads, Multi-Grain Bread, French Country Bread, wheat mixed and much more. We also serve various rolls, Swabian pretzels, and pretzel rolls.


Mouthwatering cakes and pies such as Apple Cake, Apple Pie, Banana cake, Butter cake, Cheesecake, Fresh Fruit cake, Marble cake, Plum cake (import), Rhubarb cake (import), Strawberry cake and various buttercream cakes are available in single servings (or portions) to take home. Birthday cakes and other celebrity cakes are available on request.


We have a wide assortment of pastries to choose from such as Almond Brezels, Apple Strudels, Doughnuts, Bienenstich, Cheery Danishes, Cinnamon rolls, Coconut Danishes, Croissant, Danish Pastries, Eclairs, Hefe Zopfs, Jamrolls, Pig’s Ears, chocolates, and Muffins. We rotate the availability of our wide assortment of pastries that are made fresh daily with the finest ingredients. A complete list of all our baked goods can be obtained by contacting us.

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Our bakery is renowned for its selection of German bread, which is made and freshly baked in accordance with German standards without compromising taste. Germany takes pride in having one of the widest selections and varieties of bread (more than 300), which ranges from wholesome and filling rye bread to healthy options like the Pumpernickel over soft white bread with a crunchy crust. All of our bread is freshly prepared each day.

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Our Butchery products will be soon available again

Our collaboration with German master butchers allows us to continuously improve the quality of our butchery goods and maintain the high standards that “Bei Otto” is known for. In addition to sausages for grilling, boiling, and cold cuts, we also offer a range of specialty sausages that include ham, bacon, and liver sausages. Whether you’re looking for Vienna sausages, Frankfurters, or the iconic white sausages from Munich (Weißwurst), we also offer a range of specialty sausages including those made with ham, bacon, and liver. For restaurants and hotels interested in purchasing our products at wholesale price, please feel free to reach out to us.